Two Weeks

I know the above picture is a bit obscure, but think of the movie Total Recall with Ah-nold and you’ll probably remember where this picture is from. 🙂

Today brings Copious Notes to the start of a hiatus for the next two weeks. I am leaving for vacation Sunday morning and won’t be back for a week. After I return, that first week in November will consist of my anniversary, Election Day, two back-to-back Smashing Pumpkins concerts and me trying to recover from the week of R&R I had. Plus anyone who’s taken a cruise knows you eat like a glutton, so I’m sure I’ll be trying to cope with the lack of white-gloved room service.

I plan on bringing my Kindle with me on the trip, so I’ll have Freezing Point with me to keep me company when my wife wants to go get a massage or when we want to relax on the top deck at night with only the sounds of the ocean around us. I also just purchased ‘Transfer of Power’ by Vince Flynn as my backup book in case I finish Freezing Point before the trip is over. I’m sure I’ll have people looking at me wondering ‘what the hell is that thing?’.

I’ll pick back up here most likely on Sunday 9th or Monday the 10th. Until then, everyone be well, stay safe, and if you’re doing NaNo: best of luck in hitting that 50k mark!


  1. Have a great time! We’ll see you in a couple weeks.

    And a question about your Kindle came to me… Does it have a lighted screen, so you can read in the dark? Or do you have to sit under a lamp, as with print?

  2. The screen is not lighted or backlit. It reads just like a normal book where you need ambient light or a ‘book light’. I saw a case for the Sony reader here:
    and wish they made something like that for the Kindle. It’s clear glass with LED’s built in, so it illuminates the screen while laying on top.

    Thanks for the well wishes!

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