It’s Release Day. I’m Published!

Ladies & Gentlemen, we have reached our destination. Today, I, Aaron Crocco, am a published writer! Book one of As Darkness Ends is out in the wild and it’s time to celebrate. I’ve had a lot of blog posts the past few days (even two yesterday) gearing up for the book hitting the virtual shelves and we’re now here. Today I occupy a space next to all other writers out there who are publishing on these cutting-edge platforms.

In actuality, As Darkness Ends has been available for sale since Sunday from Amazon but today is the official release as far as I’m concerned. Some great things have been happening these past few days to bring big smiles to my face:

-I already have two five-star reviews!
-The book ranked #72 in the Science Fiction -> Anthologies section yesterday morning and then jumped to #34 as of this minute.
-My first-ever author’s interview is up at Ruled By Books!
-I’m giving away the first chapter to anyone who wants to read it, for free.
-I’ve had fantastic feedback so far on Twitter and my Facebook page.
-I’m now an official GoodReads Author!

I’m hosting a shindig on my Facebook page all day so please stop by and say hello! If you’re on Twitter, you can join the fun by using the hashtag #AsDarknessEnds. Throughout the day I’ll be posting, replying and making sure we all have a good time. I also have some giveaways set up, including autographed stuff.

Alright, enough blogging on this post. It’s time to party! Mingle, enjoy the virtual food and know you have my sincere thanks for taking part in my first-ever book launch.


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