The First One Is Free

When it comes to books and accessibility, I’m big believer in the fact that books should not be locked down with DRM or hindered in any way. If people want to share something in a fair use fashion, they should. DRM only hurts those who try to play by the rules, stipulate that don’t own what you’ve paid for and the title can be revoked at any time.

This will not be the case with As Darkness Ends. You buy it, you own it. It’s that simple. The book has no DRM. Feel free to put it on your second Kindle / Nook or use the lending ability I’ve said yes to, to loan it to a friend. I’m even giving away the first chapter for free. Just click here to read it. That chapter is a RTF file that is universally readable and also contains no DRM.

What this means is that I am making it as easy as possible to not only get the book but enjoy it without any roadblocks. While these efforts may not be easily seen, a lack of frustration from trying to read the book will not exist and that is a good thing.

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