A Productive Day

This is going to be a short post as it’s a check-in with my progress on Spirit Hackers. Today is my second day off (I work Tues – Sat) and so I try to make my Monday’s productive in writing. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen often as the pull of the TiVo is strong. Well today, I am glad to say I only watched one show during lunch and I got some great writing done!

Spirit Hackers has doubled from eight pages to sixteen in just one day! Talk about exciting! Today I wrote 3,131 words bringing the total word count to 6,109. I’ve completed five chapters and the story is definitely becoming its own person. Already characters are doing things I didn’t intend and I must say I like it. Also, my page count is based on 350 words to a page, not actual printed pages. My new writing program can do both page counts. I prefer to use the one based on a paperback book. If I went by the printed version, I’d be at 27 pages.

One really interesting tool for my dictation software has been dialogue. I stumbled upon this today, where I am actually dictating my character’s lines as if I were the person. I’m changing my voice and speaking as if they were speaking. I have a feeling this will allow my dialogue to feel diverse from the start and give each person in the story a true voice of their own. Of course I’m partial to the work I’m doing, but I think I may be on to something here with this dictating dialogue thing.


  1. Angie- It’s weird for me also! I honestly just stumbled upon it while starting the dialogue section of chapter five. I didn’t have any trouble being my nerdy self again, so no worries there.

    Janna- Thank you! Productive is productive even if it’s not with writing. Good job to you too.

  2. Colby, I am thinking of dedicating a whole post to showing how the software works. I also want to show off the writing program I use. Those will hopefully come soon.

  3. Melanie- It’s weird how it just happened. I think it is natural.

    Colby- I’m gonna work on it, just for you. Hope to have a post later this week or next week about it.

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