Some upcoming plans

Hello, and good Wednesday to all copious notes readers out there! After my marathon writing session the other day, I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to blog yesterday so I figured I should give you guys an insight into some of the plans I have for some upcoming entries here.

Later this week and going into next week I plan on posting a series of entries here that will not only be informative but also hope will be entertaining as well. For starters, Colby Marshall has asked to see more about my dictation software setup and to learn more about it. Well ask and you shall receive. I plan on not just posting an entry about my dictation software as I have in the past, but I plan on actually recording some video of my computer showing the software in action. I will try to go through some of the features and demonstrate how fast I’m able to “write” by just speaking my mind.

Additionally, the second post of a new series “the weekender” will go up on Friday afternoon or evening with yet another critical analysis of the writing world. We had some great discussion in the comments section last week I hope that we can have even more dialogue coming up this weekend. As I also posted in that entry, I am hoping to have guest bloggers provide their critical analysis about the writing world as well.

In the past I have briefly spoken about my new writing software that I’m using on my Mac, and I also hope to share a video about that as well. It’s really fun and I think keeps me extremely organized in my research and writing. Finally, I hope to have any “talent show” post that is just fun and offbeat. You have to stay tuned for more details about that one.

So that is the current status of copious notes and I hope to have a lot of good stuff coming down the pike for all of you. In all honesty, I have not done any writing since Monday, but that is because I have been working on other things not writing related and just taking care of “life items”. I hope to get more words down the page tomorrow. As for now I think blogging will be the extent of my writing for today.

I hope everyone is doing great and I appreciate all of your feedback and comments as we all tackle the writing world. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from all of you soon.


  1. I am so super excited about seeing this dictation software I can hardly stand it, simply because I’ve thought a lot about how neat it would be to have something along those lines! YAY!

  2. Do a video on how you make icecream. I know it doesn’t relate to writing, but you can spin it. Something like..Comfort Foods that Get Me Writing…or Activities I Participate in to Proscratinate…or…

  3. Glad you guys are excited to see the software! I hope that the post lives up to the hype now! hehe.

    Auria- That could be fun, but making ice cream isn’t fun to watch being made. A post on comfort food could be interesting though. 🙂

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