Thursday Thirteen #144

Hello Thursday! This week’s list of thirteen items will controversial things to write about. In general, controversy sells and I’m sure there are stories you can come up with based on things that might offend.

What do *you* think? Did I miss one? Please let me know in the comments.

Thursday 13
Thirteen controversial topics by Aaron Crocco

1. Homosexual activity

2. Rape

3. Persecution

4. Showing a corrupt side of someone who’s loved publically

5. Debunking religion in any aspect

6. Changing Jesus Christ’s color to anything besides white

7. Conspiracy theories dealing with real events

8. Endorsing someone who is ‘evil’ in the world

9. Abortion or right-to-life issues

10. Medical malpractice

11. Suicide

12. Social structure

13. Psychology of crime

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  1. How about “people who defend war criminals”? People tend to believe in justice but are outraged that anyone would be the defence lawyer of someone accused of a war crime.

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