Thursday Thirteen #138

Welcome back to Thursday to everyone! I know it’s been a little quiet here, but that’s because I’m devouring Angels & Demons on my Kindle. I truly love it and figure it should be the central theme of this week’s Thursday Thirteen.

Do *you* have a Kindle from Amazon? What do you think of this device? Please let me know in the comments.

Thursday 13
Thirteen things I love about my Amazon Kindle by Aaron Crocco

1. Its ultra-clear screen. E-ink & e-paper looks like those stickers on electronic products that go over the screen. It almost looks fake.

2. The built-in EVDO allows me to buy items right from the device from anywhere I get a cellular signal.

3. Page back & forward buttons are also on the left, which is great for leftys like me.

4. Once you get into the book, the device fades away and you almost forget you’re not reading a book.

5. It has a built-in SD card slot, allowing me to expand the memory by 2 gigabytes and beyond.

6. It is light but has some weight to it so it feels sturdy.

7. It comes with a protective case, which is a nice added bonus.

8. Compatibility with Os X!

9. Built-in dictionary, Wikipedia, web, and system-wide search allows me to look up anything in any item on the device and on the web. I can get a definition at any time, even with wireless turned off.

10. There’s no glare on the screen. I have not had any problems reading in any light.

11. It plays audio books!

12. All books for Kindle are discounted. New releases & NYT bestsellers are generally $9.99. Older stuff is cheaper.

13. It’s just plain old cool. I love it!

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  1. I don’t have a kindle…yet! I love the idea of it…but I get so much from the library…but when I don’t want to wait, I like the idea of being able to download it. So many things to contemplate!

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