Thursday Thirteen #134

Another happy Thursday to everyone out there! This week has been busy on the writing front but slow on the blogging-side. Yesterday’s national holiday (AKA my birthday) gave me a break but I’m looking to get some big editing done tomorrow on my day off.

On this week’s Thursday Thirteen, I’m focusing on inspiring movies. I think there’s tons out there that want you to get your butt in the chair. I hope you enjoy.

Thursday 13
Thirteen movies to get you to write by Aaron Crocco

1. 300. If you’re into war themes, this is the ultimate.

2. Stranger Than Fiction. Great movie that is funny and inspiring.

3. The Shawshank Redemption. No movie I know of has ever been as well-rounded as this one.

4. Back to the Future. My favorite movie of all time but also a classic story that has drama, comedy, sci-fi, and great writing.

5. Lord of the Rings (entire trilogy). I know watching these three movies will take nine years but it’s worth it.

6. What Dreams May Come. Very interesting movie that deals with the afterlife.

7. The Matrix. No movie throws you for a loop like this one. You don’t have to enjoy cyber-punk to see the themes in this one.

8. Toy Story. If you’re looking for the best balance of kid-oriented & suitable for adults then look no further. Anyone of any age can enjoy this and be inspired by a story of friendship.

9. Star Wars. Classic fairytale story, sci-fi goodness.

10. National Treasure. This alternate-history / mystery movie is fun and gets you wondering how you can write something similar.

11. Saving Private Ryan. This movie shows the value of brotherhood.

12. Miracle. If you love inspiring movies and hockey, this is the ultimate rush.

13. Terminator 2. One of the best sequels out there and again addresses many themes. The great action doesn’t hurt either.

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