Nothing To Brag About

Good Monday to everyone out there. With the beginning of this week, I wanted to brag post my progress on Spirit Hackers. I worked on this the other night and decided not to post right away because it interfered with my other posts and I didn’t want to give you guys too much hotness (AKA I was lazy) in one day. 🙂

Anyhow, I’m still really feeling this book but as always it’s not so easy to find the time to write. I decided to get my butt into the chair tonight and bang out a few more pages. So far, here’s where we stand:

Before the other night: 6 pages, 2,393 words.
Before tonight: 8 pages, 3,330 words.

And………… after tonight: 11 pages, 4,541 words.


I am actually interested in the fact that each time I sit and write, I’m getting at minimum 1,200 words out there. The fact that this book is at 11 pages also means it has officially surpassed Mars in length (which isn’t saying much since that book was quite the struggle).

I know this post is pretty much tooting my own horn, but I am exited that I do get the time to put words on the page and work towards getting a second book written in my lifetime. I also like seeing my organic writing process at work, since I think and talk about it more than I use it.

Thanks for letting me brag, everyone! I promise more useful posts shortly.

PS- I did try to make this post bearable by using a great LOLCat as the included image, if that’s any consolation.


  1. When it comes to writing, progress is ALWAYS something to brag about! Way to go. I know beginnings are the easiest part; but it really does sound like you have something good going here.

    By the way. What IS the cat picture supposed to mean?

  2. Colby- Thank you! Keep on working through the roadblock. You *will* get the spout open again.

    A- Thanks for the kind words. I’m hoping S.H. ends up as good as it is in my head. As far as the picture goes, head on over to They’re called LOLCats and can be quite funny & entertaining.

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