Introducing: Paradox

Yesterday I told you about Project X, a short scifi story I submitted out for possible publication. As I said, I was rejected and the story won’t make it into print.

Project X was written for Machine of Death, Volume 2. MoD is an anthology set in a world where people get death predictions from a machine that are vague. It’s an open field after that and one I was instantly drawn to. I was one of over 2,000 entries and with only 30 getting into the book, the odds were rough. I know of three other people who submitted and all of us didn’t make the cut.

So where does that leave me? I’m left with a story that’s been beta-read, edited twice and is ready to be out there. Best of all, I’m left holding all rights to it since it wasn’t sold.

Where does that leave you? In a fantastic position. I would have LOVED to have this story accepted but in the end, I’m setting it free. ‘Project X’ is no more, replaced with the title it’s had since day one: Paradox. I am placing Paradox up on Kindle, B&N Nook and SmashWords for FREE. I’ll also be posting it here, in full, in the coming weeks.

Paradox is a short story where the past and future collide, with a mind-bending conclusion. It’s a quick, fun read and to let it sit for months or even years without anyone reading it would be a shame. I’ll have more information available soon as to when it will be available, so stay tuned.

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