I Gave In


Well that didn’t last long. I ordered a Kindle from Amazon. My mom was gracious enough to help me get it for my upcoming birthday, so combined with $105 in gift cards I was able to cut the price in half, which was the major factor in me not buying this awesome device.

The Kindle uses amazing technology called epaper that looks almost fake. If you’ve ever bought something with a grey screen, you might have had to peel off a plasic film with fake lettering on it. This could be a palm pilot or digital watch that has this film showing black text, that easily peels off. I hope I’m explaining this properly. Anyhow, any epaper product looks like this except it’s not a film. It’s crystal clear and easy to read.

The advantage to having a $400 book is the ability to hold multiple books without using paper, taking up space once I’m done with it and also you can buy books on the go from anywhere. You don’t need a computer as you buy the books directly on the Kindle itself. Plus having something this expensive should hopefully be a reason to read more often. I haven’t touched a book since November.

Overall, I’m pretty excited. Now begins the three-four week waiting process to get it.

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