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Let me start this post by stating I have not read “My Sister’s Keeper”. I know this book has some crazy twist ending. I do not know this ending and I don’t want anyone to tell me, as I intend to read this book when my Kindle arrives. I urge anyone who feels they need to comment to please not say anything about this ending. Thank you.

Now… on Friday Jodi Picoult spoke at a local bookstore, as she always does this time of the year. My wife is huge fan and we saw her read from her new book and then she got her copy signed. At the end of the Q&A session, Jodi told everyone some good news and bad news:

The good news: Her book “My Sister’s Keeper” is being made into a movie.
The bad news: They’re changing the ending.

Now anyone who has read this book or knows anything about this book, knows the ending is integral to the story. While I don’t know the big twist, I don’t think it’s right to cut it from the movie. Jodi told everyone that she’s been going to bat for the movie but the producer has single-handedly made the choice to change the end.

Essentialy she’s been told readers don’t matter and the change is going to go forward. She’s taking action.

I’m passing on her request that the movie’s producer and top person at New Line Cinema be contacted and told that the correct ending must stay and they are making a mistake by changing it. She held up a huge poster for ten minutes with their contact information. Here it is:

Mark Johnson (Producer): [email protected]
toby Emmerich (Top person at New Line Cinema) [email protected]

Feel free to contact these two individuals and let them know what you think about this change.


  1. Perhaps it’s because I own a business, but I’m a stickler for abiding by contract agreements. Did Jodi sign a contract that gave the producer final say on the script? By the sound of the post, most likely the answer is yes.

    Without knowing all of the specifics, I’m with the producer on this one. Though I can easily be swayed with additonal info.

    If you receive a response from the producer, please post it. I would like to see the development.

  2. I have read the book. It is great.
    I’ve seen lots of movies and the books are always so much better, especially when the movie is different than the book: the BOOK is ALWAYS better.
    The producers should stick with the book. That is why they wanted to make it into a movie in the first place.
    I am 100% behind Jodi Picoult on this one!!!!!

  3. Hi SAAM,

    Glad you found your way to Aaron’s site.

    “That is why they wanted to make it into a movie in the first place.”

    One can’t really agrue with that point. It’s sound.

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