Beta Time


As of last night, I’ve finally completed the second round of editing of my Robert book. The story comes in at 130 pages (unformatted) and 56,000 actual words. I think this is a good length and I also think this book has potential to go somewhere. That, though is where my beta readers come in.

I have four beta readers ready to go. My wife being one of them, has started the book and has already made comments. I’m in progress of informing my other beta readers that it’s time to call in their generous offers to read my story. So this is where I now stop working on this book and try to focus on other projects. I haven’t touched Mars in a few months and I’ll probably end up picking that back up again to get the story working. I only have two chapters written.

I know my beta readers have all the time they need, but I’m guessing within a month, all four will have probably finished it and have a crap-load of comments and suggestions for me. I’ll take all that and go on another round of editing. Once that is done, I’ll be querying for agents to see where I can go. Hopefully things can happen.

For now, I just want to enjoy my accomplishment and revel in the fact that I’ve actually written a book. Not many people can actually say that. Now lets hope people think it’s good. 🙂

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