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So I’ve been drooling over the Amazion Kindle ever since it came out last November. Now, I’m not a huge reader but I think having this awesome ebook reader would get me to devour more books. At a certain point of my job, my mornings were very slow and I was able to pick up reading again. Before then, I hadn’t read consistantly since high school.

Within four months, I went through about eight or nine books. It was an amazing feeling to devour these novels. I got to read the amazing Da Vinci Code, an interesting puzzle-mystery called The Rule of Four, and a few more books that had been on my shelf for way too long. While my work schedule hasn’t changed, I would love to make some time for reading again. I think this would help.

Anyhow, I have never been able to justify the price for this but I realized just a few hours ago that I have some old amazon gift cards laying around. That combined with my birthday coming this month, may allow me to get this for much less than the $400 they’re asking (which I think is too much).

We’ll see if this is a passing desire or something I’d really like to get. Does anyone out there have one? If so, do you like it?

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