Emerging From the Holiday Fog


Hello and happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone is well rested and coming out of the crazy holiday week with some rest and fun gifts both given and received. For me, I worked most of the days but I did get Christmas Day off, which made everything A-Ok!

So… on to writing!!! Wait, I have none. Hmmm. Well that’s where I’m going to pick things up for this week and start to work on something I think I’ve needed for a while: a schedule or deadline. Recently I signed up with Suite101 to freelance because I felt I would work better under conditions where things are due by a certain date. So far this has worked well for me and I’ve written two out of the ten articles needed in a three-month time span.

Right now I really need to get moving on Spirit Hackers and I also want to write some a couple of Flash Fiction pieces to send out for submission. I’ll be posting a ‘to-do’ list within the next few days.

Finally, I want to welcome Jen and her Scribbling blog to the Blogroll party you see on the right-hand column. Jen is a fellow Absolute Write member who I’ve been talking to for a bit and we decided to help promote each other’s blogs. I highly suggest checking out her site and seeing what interesting words she has to share. Welcome Jen!


  1. Good luck with all! I am actually very glad to be emerging from holiday fog, b/c it’s finally giving me a chance to get back to writing! I hope you’re having as productive a day as I am 🙂

  2. Getting back into writing is a great thing, Colby. I’m finally getting some words down on my WIP as we speak, so I think I may be productive as you are. Thanks for stopping by!

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