A New Story

It’s interesting how the writers brain works. For a long while now I’ve been struggling with Mars and I haven’t been doing any writing. Earlier this week I decided I needed to officially put Mars on hold and figure out what I wanted to do. The struggles of the book were not helping my lack of drive. I swear people get ideas for books at the oddest times. Yesterday, on my way home from work I began thinking about some things that interest me. Of course my brain went on a tangent and within about two minutes I had the idea for a new book! As usual I don’t know where I want the book to end up but I think I have an idea of the general gist of the ending. I also believe that I may be able to turn this book into a series, depending on how this book turns out. Since I write organically, I can’t say for sure what the final product will be.

The best part so far is that I am off on Friday’s from work and so I was able to finally sit down and get some words down on the page. I even was able to get a title for this new book! That says a lot considering my Robert book still is untitled. I’ve updated my sidebar to reflect this new project. I’ve also updated my category structure a little so it’s easier to see what books I have worked on.

So for now, I introduce to you my newest project: Spirit Hackers. It currently weighs in at 1,255 words and three pages. I have a good start so far. Most importantly, I’m enthusiastic about writing it. Lets all hope the drive is back!


  1. Colby, I agree. I will say it’s more of a relief than anything. I almost felt pressured to write.

  2. it’s such a great feeling when a great idea for a story suddenly comes to you and you are ready for it.

  3. I always find that the very second I post some piece of crap to fill in my daily quota, I suddenly think of several ideas.

    It’s a good thing to take a break every now and then.

    The name of the new book either sounds like an anime thriller or sci-fi blockbuster.

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