Yeah, About That Second Book…

It’s funny how the grand picture in our heads gets us to think we can do anything. In a perfect world we have time to work on all our projects, work our jobs, and do everything we want to do with our lives. The reality is that even with time management, we’re limited in what we can accomplish.

I now bring your attention to this post in which I talked about the benefits of Self-Publishing. I posed a simple question: Can you have your cake and eat it too? My answer was a resounding ‘yes’ and I said how I am going to write a second book that will be pre-determined for self-publishing. That hasn’t quite worked out for me, or at least not yet.

I’ve been working hard to make time to write and get as close to my 3k per-week word goal on Loopback. In doing this, I’ve already made the decision on some level that this second book will not be written any time soon. As it is, I will need to balance this WIP and Spirit Hackers once I delve back into editing that based on my beta feedback.

The prospects and excitement of self-publishing are really exciting and I haven’t given up on it but I also want to produce quality work that people would want to buy. For the greater good, I am focusing my creativity into Loopback and seeing where it takes me. When the opportunity presents itself for this other book to start its life, I’ll be ready.


  1. It’s so hard to fathom how long writing can take. And then add revisions and it doubles. I try to push myself, but also not stress about it. My only deadlines are my own at this point. I’ll save the stress for a publisher’s deadline when I finally get one!

    You’re doing a great job, especially with all that you have going on. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks for the positive comments! It’s insane to think I legitimately thought I could write two books but I’m okay with the fact that the second book will just have to wait. If I’m going to self-publish, I gotta do it right! 🙂

  2. The major difference between those who have accomplished something and those who have not is that those who are considered ‘accomplished’ were able to finish what they set out to do. It’s all about getting your stuff out there before you run out of steam.

    1. Agreed! I think I once read that 80% of Americans want to write a book but less than 10% ever do. The fact that I’ve already completed one and I’m 25% into the next shows I’m ahead of the curve.

      Thanks for stopping by too Jeff! 🙂

  3. It only takes one word at a time. Keep up the good work, I know you have your hands full outside of writing too, its good that you’ve scaled back your goals without giving them up completely. This phase in life will pass and you don’t want to miss a moment. Writing will always be with you.

    I’m excited about self-publishing too!!

    1. Yeah, scaling back goals are okay but I’ll never give them up completely. I know I took a huge break with Spirit Hackers but I don’t want that to be an option this time around. It’s great that I finished it but 2-years is too long in my mind. The fact that there’s a chance I can start AND finish Loopback in 2011 makes me incredibly excited.

      Thanks for the support Jenn. I hope we get out to the self-published shelves soon enough! 🙂

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