Thursday Thirteen #149

Good Thursday to all Copious Notes readers! Welcome to another Thursday list of thirteen items. For this week, I wanted to bring it back to writing, as the past few weeks have just been fun topics. For today’s list we’re going go with things I like to see in books. This could be plot devices, charactar names, interesting description, or anything else. Just things in books that are cool.

What do *you* like to see in books? I’d love for you to let me know in the comments.

Thursday 13
Thirteen things I like to see in books by Aaron Crocco.

1. Stories that takes place in New York because I live here and can better visualize the settings.

2. Any use of technology.

3. Good flow (I think everyone would agree with this one).

4. The feeling of wanting more when the last page is before your eyes.

5. A use of words that doesn’t make me look up a definition every few minutes.

6. A clever phrase that is only used a couple of times to keep it special.

7. The return of a great charactar in another book by the same author.

8. The hope that it will never be made into a movie, since that always sucks more than the book.

9. A quick start that gets me sucked in within the first few pages.

10. A good length but isn’t too long.

11. A subject that is at least somewhat believeable.

12. Doesn’t try anything cute.

13. Has a satisfying ending.

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  1. As a writer myself (and every blogger is to some degree) I can definitely agree with you on a lot of these points. Way to put them into context!

    Happy TT!

  2. I like to see in books:
    -a quick start, something that make the book something I know I’m going to read from the first few pages
    -a character I can love to hate
    -beautiful writing that conveys perfectly the emotions the characters are feeling

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