Thursday Thirteen #129

The resourceful Auria Cortes showed me this cool meme called the Thursday Thirteen. Through the week I compile thirteen things on my mind and it gets published on, you guessed it, Thursdays. So here goes my first shot at this.


Thursday 13
Thirteen Things about writing by Aaron Crocco

1. Editing can be rough but easy at the same time. I’ve found that the biggest hurdle is the same as writing: just get my butt into the chair and write!

2. I’ve really enjoyed blogging and my attempts at getting this site going and noticed.

3. I’ve never had this much trouble thinking of a title for a story.

4. The word ‘Reverberate’ has appeared in both the Robert Story and Mars. I love this word for some reason and ever since I heard it in a song, I’ve intentionally used it.

5. Sometimes I find it’s tough to blog when a few days go by where I haven’t done any writing at all.

6. Billy Corgan’s lyrics will forever inspire me.

7. It’s taken me three days to get thirteen items.

8. Auria Cortes is a good writer and her help with my writing and ideas definitely motivates me to keep going.

9. I’ve said for many years to just write. Don’t worry about technique or specific words or anything else. Just get the idea onto the page.

10. A writers group is invaluable.

11. Read the opening to any thriller to get your juices flowing.

12. Always know the book is better than the movie.

13. Write, write, write!

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  1. Aaron,

    Thanks for #8. Your thoughts really mean a lot to me. You are also an inspiration for me. It’s great to be part of a writing group where everyone is so giving with their advice.

  2. I belong to a writers’ group. It’s good to get advice from several directions, and at the same time it is much easier to ignore that advice if you want to.

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