The Freelancing Has Begun

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I mentioned last week that I had been reminded about the freelancing options out there on the internet and decided it would be a good start in establishing myself as a writer in some sort of published form. I would like to announce that my freelancing career has officially begun!

Late last week I was informed that had reviewed my application and approved me to be one of their writers. After a busy weekend I spent some time on Tuesday writing up an article and submitted it. With no surprise, it was retuned to me requesting some minor edits. Yesterday those were done and the article is now up on the site! You can read the article here.

One thing that does get me slightly down is that I cannot reprint the article anywhere for one year. This means that I will not be able to place them here on Copious Notes when I get new content out there. To help compensate for this, I have added a link at the top, right which will get you to all my articles. Additionally, I’ll post here with a link to the article whenever a new one goes up.

I’m pretty excited that I am actually writing for a site and it’s content that people may actually get to see. I don’t expect to get any real money out of it, so I’m not quitting my day job any time soon. 🙂 I hope you all enjoy it and I’ll let you all know when I get more content submitted and approved.


  1. Auria- Thanks for checking it out. I totally understand the commenting thing. No biggie.

    Janna- Thank you!

    A- You get a cut of the Google AdSense revenue but that really isn’t much if anything. I’ll probably post here when I get something at some point.

  2. Aaron, that’s great! I think it’s pretty common that you can’t reproduced published material for a certain amount of time. A lot of bloggers that I follow also write freelance articles and they just supply the links.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Wow, well done. That sounds like a start. I have too been thinking about writing for the online cliche, but just not sure who to write for. How are you finding suite101? I think am looking for something closer to home, in the UK.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ana and welcome to Copious Notes. So far I enjoy the process and the feeling of participating in something that is professional but also allows me some freedom in my writing. I hope to see you around some more! Be well.

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