Looking Back, Looking Forward

Hello 2012! Let’s add this blog post to the deluge of people reflecting on the past year and the year to come. Consider me cliche and unoriginal as I do the same. I will put a spin on this to bring some updates to what is happening in my writing world.


The past year was one of milestones and frustrations. I submitted my first story ever, got my first-ever rejection, and Spirit Hackers is still in the editing stage.

On the up-side, I took my rejection and set the story free via ePublishing. It lead me to realize I could craft a novelette series with a cool concept and to finally dip my feet into the world of self-publishing. I’m really proud of the As Darkness Ends series and book two is nearly done. I’ve been quietly updating the progress over on the right side-bar and I’m delighted to say that the book is already 1/3 longer than book one! The second book has a similar feel to the first but with a whole different spin as we view the global events of the first installment from a different point of view. I anticipate the book to be out in the wild sometime in February.

November was a milestone month as I worked to raise money for Share Our Strength, which is fighting childhood hunger in the United States. I exceeded my goal of $300 by $20 with the help of so many generous people. Even better, my timing was excellent because at the time I donated the funds, the charity was having every donation matched dollar-for-dollar! So, in essence, we raised $640 for the charity! It’s a job well done.

Finally, I’m thankful for all the positive feedback, ratings and reviews book one has garnered. The general consensus is that it’s a solid book and I’m happy to see that people I don’t know are enjoying it. That means a truly unbiased opinion.


For this year, I’m keeping it simple. I read on Dean Wesley Smith’s blog that goals are set based on things you hold 100% control over, while dreams are things you would like to achieve but are dependent on others. I couldn’t agree more.


-To complete and release book two of the ‘Darkness’ series no later than March 1.

-To complete the third (and final) round of edits on Spirit Hackers, then submit it to at least one agent.

-Write and release book three of the ‘Darkness’ series no later than the end of 2012.


-Break a pre-set sales goal I have in mind for each of the two books in the ‘Darkness’ series.

-Return to Loopback and resume writing it. (This is a dream due to only having so much time in the day to manage all my writing)

-Land an agent based on querying Sprit Hackers.


So that’s where I stand for this new year. I have one personal dream and one personal goal (both of which I’m keeping to myself). I hope 2011 was good to all you writers out there and I look forward to bringing you more works from the recesses of my mind throughout the year.

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