I’m Going Analog (Sometimes)

Ain’t she a thing of beauty? Yeah, that’s an Olivetti Studio 45 typewriter. I had never heard of Olivetti until a couple of weeks ago when I was gathering news information for my podcast. I came across that article and when I hit #12, I fell in love.

The Olivetti Studio 45 is probably the best example I can find of a retro device. It screams analog and the fact that it’s a typewriter means it has the gears to back that claim up. I stalked a few for a while and last week I finally scooped one up on eBay for a paltry sum. It should be at my door (hopefully) by the end of the week.

So what do you do with a typewriter? Aren’t I the guy who lives and dies by Scrivener and my iPad? The answer is plans. I have some great plans for the machine that are not only creative but unique. More to come on that front very soon.

For now, I have a fresh ribbon to install. 🙂


  1. Its funny….for all the technology that I love, and boy do I love tech, I too have a love for the analog world. My photos developed in the darkroom printed in silver, on glass, using gum bichromate or cyanotype. The more I work with tech, the more I enjoy the “old fashioned” way of doing things….but maybe with a twist. While I still use my film cameras (a Rollie TLR being my favorite), quite often I am using my DSLR and print out a digital negative to use to print. The perfect marriage of both of my worlds!

    Enjoy your new toy! Can’t wait to hear what you do with it 🙂

    1. A digital world is fantastic but yes actual, developed photos are awesome. I feel the same way with records. I love hearing an album on vinyl and hearing the warmth of the sound come through. So awesome.

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