I’ll Pencil You In

So excluding this blog, I have written zero words in the past two weeks. For me that is a tough pill to swallow. As a writer or aspiring writer, this is not acceptable and really, I should be writing much more. To help remedy this, I’m hoping to get more done this week.

First, Spirit Hackers needs to get its butt in gear. I cliff hanged a chapter and I need to write the next scene. I think part of the problem is that I don’t know what I want the next scene to be. I did my best thinking about the story in my usual spot: the shower. For some reason I get some great ideas while gettin’ clean.

Second, I really want to get a submission written and sent over to Stephanie for The Oddville Press. I figure that if I put out a call for submissions, I should get something submitted myself.

Additionally, Creative A posted this great publication that looks for people to write short stories based on a given first line. I think this is a great idea and I want to get something to them as well.

Overall, I think that can make my week pretty busy. Stack a personal life and work on top of that mix and I assure you my time will be well spent!


  1. Try not to beat yourself up too much over the lag in progress. Use it as a break to distance yourself from the work, so you’ll get back to it with refreshed perspective. I took several small breaks through the course of writing my novel (whether it was due to family demands or spurts of missing motivation), and it didn’t hurt my final output. Good luck to you!

  2. I can utterly empathize. My to-do list involves writing my WIP daily, writing on my blog twice weekly, fixing up a novella I wrote and overhauling some of my short stories with the most potential; plus I agreed to beta for someone. At the end of the day I’m pooped.

    All I can tell you is try to prioritize! That helps me. A little.

    BTW, just because you mentioned it, I’ll be posting an interview with the magazine editor tommorrow. It’s pretty interesting!


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