Allow myself to introduce… myself

Hello world, as they say in the computer world.  If you’re reading this post that means one of two things:

1.  This blog is popular and you want to see my humble beginnings.

2. This is on the front page and I haven’t done more with this place.  🙂 

I’m hoping #1 is the reason, but for now thank you for coming here and following my journeys in writing.  I am currently 27 and deciding that it’s time I put my writing skills to use.  I have a work that is currently novella length that I am editing up and also a second story that is two chapters long.

As I go through my writing process, I will share thoughts, ideas and even excerpts from my work to see what you all think and also to just get it out there.  At times I may post audio or video entries and I may podcast some of the content as well.

Comments are welcome and I look forward to feedback. 


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