So this is where I’m supposed to speak about who I am and what I do. Easier said than done and not easily captured in a few sentences.

I’m a writer and also a podcaster. Complicating issues further is the fact that I’m a huge geek, Apple fanboy and love Back to the Future. Mainly I write. That’s my passion. It was sporadic for most of my college years but in the mid-2000’s the spark reignited and I’m tearing up my keyboard, slinging words all over the place.

After watching eBooks come from nowhere to completely change the publishing landscape, I decided to craft a series of books specifically written for the new age of publishing. As Darkness Ends, my 6-book novelette series was born. This is my debut series and book one is out now. You can learn more about it here.

I’ve written two complete novels: Spirit Hackers and my forever-untitled ‘Robert Book’. The latter will likely never see the light of day and you’ll thank me in advance for that. Spirit Hackers on the other hand is a book I am very excited about. The book is a Science Fiction thriller exploring the intersections of science and life.

I gave that whole freelancing thing a try once. Wasn’t for me but you can find my stuff at Demand Studios, TechVi.com and Suite101.com.

You can learn about my other writing projects by checking out the ‘Books’ link above and selecting the appropriate project.

In addition to all that writing goodness, I’ve been podcasting since 2005. On February 9th I plugged a microphone into my computer, hit record and The Geekcast was born. The show has changed over the years but one thing holds true: we talk tech and the geek culture that excites the nerd inside us all. While the show took a 18-month hiatus from ’07 to ’09, The Geekcast has been released nearly every week since then. If you like computers and techy things, check it out.

On the non-creative front, I’m a hockey fan, enjoy way too much ice cream, nutella and coffee.