Untitled (AKA The Robert Book)

(General Fiction, possibly Mid-Grade)

This was my first attempt at writing a novel. The book focuses on the social structures of schools and one boy’s fight to navigate those around him.  Still untitled but dubbed ‘The Robert Book’ as that is the main character’s first name, it has been edited and read by some but is currently on hold.

The story was written using the ‘discovery’ method where I did not have an outline and only a final ending for where I wanted the book to go. After writing other works like Spirit Hackers and Loopback, I’ve seen this method doesn’t necessarily work for me.

While the story has potential, I have no immediate plans to return to it any time soon. You’d thank me for that if you had to read it in its current state. All is not lost though. In this age of digital publishing and eReaders,  I’ll likely return to this work at some point for some rewrites and to polish it to submission-ready status.