Wrapping up the research

Hey everyone! Again, just another heads-up that this is a dictated post and I do apologize in advance for any odd grammatical errors. Just to let you know that I do plan on posting another edition of lyrically speaking later on today. For now though, I wanted to talk about my current research/outlining process.

As most of you know, my current work-in-progress, Spirit hackers, has been in the conceptual stage for approximately 1 1/2 – 2 months. During this time I’ve been working out the outline, trying to hash out the characters, and also doing some research as to the technical items that occur within the story. I will say that this is hard and the fact that I’ve never researched or outlined the book before makes it even harder. I will say, that it is definitely a learning experience and only suits to make me a stronger author in the long run. Most of my research has been into the technical aspects of the story and while keeping a date I can say that I was trying to find out information about electrical fields, and energy in general. Google and Wikipedia have been great friends during this journey.

The good thing about this type of book that I want to write, is that there is only a little bit of science involved, but then it shifts into the fictional realm where I can just make everything up. I am very happy that I have a larger majority of things to make up then scientific fact, but I think the hardest part is going to be a smooth transition from what currently exists and is known into an area where it is my imagination. I need it to be seamless. So far, I think I have figured out but I won’t know until I actually start writing the book.

One interesting thing that I did notice, is that now that I have a lot of the research figured out, I have to go back and rehash my outline to make sure that it fits with in the technical items and research that I have found out. I noticed that there were a few things that I had put into the outline that now really don’t fit after my research. There are also some items I put into the outline but I honestly just forgot about. I don’t really know how that happened (this process takes long and I forget things easily) but I have to go back and kind of rehash the outline and clean it up a little. I don’t think it has strayed too far from the original concept, but I do need to make sure that all the pieces are in place so that my writing goes as smoothly as possible.

I do hope to get the story under way about this time next week or no later than the week after. With all the groundwork of the story lead out I honestly do think that I will have an easier time writing the book and more importantly having it flow well where I know not only where I am going, but also how to get there. For somebody who is only written organically, this can be a scary process and also it is something I have never done. Overall, I think that trying to write a book this way will be a great experience and I do hope that a great book comes out of it that often not only highlight but is also a book that I can get out there and sell.

Finally, slightly off-topic I did want to give a big thanks to everybody who commented on my video post earlier this week. I’m glad to see that my review of the Amazon kindle was so well received and you guys enjoyed seeing it up close. I do hope to get more video posts onto this blog and share more of my thoughts and reviews with you guys. If anyone has any ideas on something they would like to see, please let me know as I would love to post more.


  1. I also write organically and I shudder at the thought of having to do that much preparation to write. Great job sticking with it! I hope it all pays off for you in the end. (figuratively, although literally would be fantastic too).

  2. Melanie- Thanks for the well wishes. It hasn’t been a ton amount of work, but I haven’t liked it either. I really am glad it’s pretty much done.

    A- Thank you!

  3. I understand how those key things can be a problem Wendy. Either you’ll find it in your research or it’ll just come to you. Either way, I hope you do not have to wait too long. Thanks for the luck!

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