Thursday Thirteen #133

Happy Thursday everyone! My writing schedule has been crap this week, mostly due to getting sidetracked with stupid things. I only resumed editing the Robert Story last night. The good news is that I added 400 words. I have some lame excuses and I figured I’d share them with you all. With that said, here is this weeks Thursday Thirteen.

Thursday 13
Thirteen lame excuses I had this week not to write. By Aaron Crocco

1. Lost is on. I’m sorry but the thought of 4,8,15,16,23, and 42 still drive me nuts.

2. World of Warcraft. This MMORPG is a time-stealer, especially when some of the guys from work want to play.

3. I don’t feel like it. This is the lamest reason ever.

4. I don’t have time. I think my TiVo is to blame for this.

5. I don’t know what part to work on in my book.

6. I’d rather surf the internet. As if eight hours of doing that at work wasn’t enough.

7. Nintendo Wii & Guitar Hero III.

8. It’s more important to download bootlegs of Smashing Pumpkins concerts I’ve been to.

9. I want to spend time with my wife. This is not lame, it just takes up time. I’m not complaining by any means. I love spending time with her.

10. I’ll say it now, even though I don’t have it yet my Kindle will be killing time.

11. It’s hockey season. It’s super important I watch all 82 games of the NY Islanders. πŸ™‚

12. I get home too late from work to write (7:00 pm)

13. I’m not feeling it.

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