The Interactive Story

As I announced last week, I am going to begin writing an interactive story with you, the readers of Copious Notes. This book is to be an experiment in seeing how a story can be crafted when multiple people are involved. As each chapter or section is posted, comments, edits, suggestions and all input will help shape the rest of the book. Eventually, it will be a complete work that will be posted here for all to read.

We need to get some of the ground-work in place so I know where to begin. In order to do that, I will post a series of polls to get everyone’s input. The first important item is the genre. This is where I leave it your hands. I will say that I am a sci-fi guy so that is an easier genre for me to write, but I’m open to writing something else. Please vote by posting your vote in the comments and if you have a suggestion then feel free to let me know. I will leave this poll open until Thursday, so be sure to get your vote in by then!

What genre should the book be?



  1. Sci-Fi, without a doubt. Not only does it work best with interactive stories, but it’s also clearly the genre you prefer.

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