Autographing eBooks

Click the image to see a larger version Buckle up folks. This is a long entry but it’s step-by-step instructions for doing something revolutionary. Autographs. We love them. We love getting our books signed and having something hand-written alongside a machine-produced book of text. For ages people have taken their books to an event and… Continue reading Autographing eBooks

As Darkness Ends Release: The Live-Blog!

With today being the release of my book As Darkness Ends, I will be live-blogging the day’s events today. This post will be constantly updated today with news, stats and more! Feel free to comment here, jump onto my Facebook page or catch me on Twitter to join in the fun! 10:00 PM: Alright, I’m… Continue reading As Darkness Ends Release: The Live-Blog!

Of Steve Jobs, Earthquakes & Hurricanes

This past week has been rife with things completely unrelated to writing. So much has occurred that I felt a blog post was necessary even though Copious Notes is a place I normally talk about what I’m working on. Earthquake Last Tuesday began as an ordinary day where we all headed to work and went… Continue reading Of Steve Jobs, Earthquakes & Hurricanes

This Gets Me Excited

Electronic books. eBooks. eReaders. Kindle, Nook, iBooks / iPad, Sony Reader. The list goes on and on with company after company releasing electronic ways to read. What was once a floundering device that no one in their right mind would use was turned on its head in late 2007 when Amazon announced the first Kindle… Continue reading This Gets Me Excited

At A Crossroads

It’s been a week between posts here but I wanted to update Copious Notes because it’s writing that I want to get done. Lately I’ve felt that I’m at a crossroads with my writing with all three projects that’s going on. An opportunity arose last month to write a short story and to get it… Continue reading At A Crossroads

Sharing My Knowledge

UPDATE: Looks like I posted just a few hours too hours too early because the speaker schedule has been posted! I’ll be speaking from 1:55 – 2:05 PM so be on the lookout for me after you’re done with lunch! ——————— I’m taking a break from ‘The Weekender’ this week in order to bring an… Continue reading Sharing My Knowledge