Thursday Thirteen #134

Another happy Thursday to everyone out there! This week has been busy on the writing front but slow on the blogging-side. Yesterday’s national holiday (AKA my birthday) gave me a break but I’m looking to get some big editing done tomorrow on my day off. On this week’s Thursday Thirteen, I’m focusing on inspiring movies.… Continue reading Thursday Thirteen #134

Thursday Thirteen #131

Happy Thursday everyone! I’ve been busier than normal this week with my day job, which has meant a slowing of updates here. I am looking for that to change beginning today. With that said, here is this weeks Thursday Thirteen. This week, I focus on motivation and what you can do to get your pen… Continue reading Thursday Thirteen #131

Lyrically Speaking

This week I’m changing it up a bit and bringing you music from one of my favorite artists: Dido. Dido is a very interesting artist, as she sings songs that are truly from the heart but they are mixed with music that can sound like folk, rock, techno or even a ballad. Anyone who’s listened… Continue reading Lyrically Speaking

Writing on the Go

Talk about interesting! I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Buzz Out Loud and they spoke of this fad in Japan where people are actually writing full novels on their cell phones! I started digging more into this and found the original article from the Sydney Morning Herald. Here is an excerpt but… Continue reading Writing on the Go