A Supportive Environment

I was driving to my job this morning, and more & more I’m becoming frustrated with my lack of time to write. I feel my writing drive is only around certain parts of the day and it takes a great deal to get my butt into the chair.

I work in the computer / IT industry and writing is the furthest thing from what I do. My author-persona is one I try to become when I am home and on my days off. It used to not be so hard. My schedule used to get me home for the day by 4:00 PM when now I’m not home until 7:00 PM. That difference makes a big change because I don’t have that free time from when I get home to do things like write.

Now I know some of you are asking “But Aaron, why not just write later in the evening after you’ve eaten dinner and spent time with your wife?” My answer to that question would be a combination of being tired and the drive not being there. I know it’s not the best excuse but it’s the realistic reasons I feel. It’s hard to be creative at 10:00 PM. One thing I’ve thought of doing was waking up about two hours earlier than normal and getting some writing done at that time.

I am moving shortly and I think that I’m going to adjust my schedule to try that. A potential schedule I want to implement is waking up a few hours earlier, going to work out for 30-45 min, and then getting some writing done. After that, go to work. I don’t know how well this could work, but my job isn’t the place that really inspires me to get some writing done.

We’ll see what happens. It’s too bad I don’t work in a place that deals with writing and publishing. I would think it would help stimulate the ‘beast’.


  1. “It’s hard to be creative at 10:00 PM.”

    It’s hard for me to be creative in the morning so I understand what you mean by not feeling creative at night.

    I know of a writer that writes one hour before he goes to work. It really works for him so your idea of waking up early is a good one.

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