They survived the quake, but it
created something even more deadly.

When a devastating global earthquake strikes, James Cole narrowly escapes the crumbling New York City skyscrapers with the help of a mysterious person. Now one of the precious few survivors, James’s goal is to get home to his wife through a locked-down Manhattan. But when an inexplicable darkness begins blanketing the city, deadly creatures appear and begin hunting anybody they can find. With James and his companion the only ones capable of fighting, they’ll put their lives at stake once more in order to save the last of the survivors.

Redbacks is the second installment of the 6-book novelette series As Darkness Ends.


What people are saying:

“I really enjoyed this book! It is quick, action packed, and engaging throughout the whole book. It has zombie as well as spiritual apocalyptic themes, which I loved.” –Book Nook Club (5 Stars)

“It’s a quick-paced adventure with roots in zombie literature and religious apocalyptica alike, and one I quite enjoyed.” –Bliss Morgan

“A quick post-apocalyptic read” –Tricia Kristufek (4 Stars)

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