12th Mar2012

Redbacks Gets Stellar Reviews!

by Aaron

Happy Monday everyone! This past Saturday I was out and about with the family when my phone buzzed with a few notifications. Lo and behold, my Google alert triggered for some reviews that had been posted for Redbacks!

Now, reviews are a funny thing. You love getting them but you’re praying at the same time that it’s a positive review. In my mind I just know I’m going to read things like “this sucks” and “trained monkeys in a room could write better”. Luckily, I outsmarted the monkeys this time around as Bliss Morgan and Tricia Kristufek both gave Redbacks wonderful praise. I know a lot of writers fall into situations where if they think something they wrote sucks, everyone likes it. I don’t have enough experience to make up my mind on that, but I’ll take all the kind words I can get.

Here’s a quick excerpt from both reviews and I’ve linked to them so you can read the whole shebang. Please take a moment to visit both their sites and show them some love. I want to send a big Thank You to Bliss and Tricia for taking out the time to not only read the book but to write & post a review.

“It’s a quick-paced adventure with roots in zombie literature and religious apocalyptica alike, and one I quite enjoyed.” -Bliss Morgan

“A quick post-apocalyptic read” -Tricia Kristufek (4 Stars)

Now, I’m off to figure out how those monkeys get trained!


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